Decorations – further information

Why rent decorations?

Although the decorations can be purchased, I know from experience that when organising a large event, clearing up decorations and finding homes for the pieces afterwards can be a hassle – often items end up being thrown away and wasted.

Renting decorations is the sustainable answer to this, giving you a lower price for your chosen pieces without compromising on the event.

How does renting work?

Initially, please contact me with an enquiry, providing details of your event. The earlier you get in touch, the easier it will be to make your day proceed exactly as you envision.

We can discuss any bespoke pieces, and I will provide a quote and any sample work. The rental deposit must be paid in advance of the day and before I begin working on bespoke pieces.

On the day of your event, I aim to travel to your location by public transport to ensure the safe arrival of your pieces, and then I can setup your decorations for you. I will bring work to do at a nearby location during the event (so don’t worry about me getting bored!) or you can book me for a workshop at the event itself. Afterwards, I will clear up and take back rented items.

How does rental payment work?

Origami takes time to produce, since all of my work is hand-folded, so can be very expensive to buy outright. Renting means you do not need to pay the full price of the item (the rental price is usually only around 25-30% of the purchase price), but this only works provided I can retrieve the items in good condition.

Therefore, when renting, you pay an initial rental deposit by bank transfer which is at the purchase cost of the pieces. After the event, I collect the items and return the deposit for all of these pieces to the same account which paid the deposit. Naturally, I will not return the deposit for any unreturned, or significantly damaged pieces.

Please note that there is a minimum £50.00 order for decorations, and if you are not also booking a workshop, then travel expenses (but not time) will be included in the quote for your event.

What about if the guests damage/take the items?

Origami is interesting to look at and play with, so your guests may pick the pieces up. This is fine, and renting allows for reasonable wear (not tear in the case of origami); I do not expect rental pieces to last forever. I deliberately use high quality papers and folding techniques to make sure the pieces should remain in good condition, and I am happy to refold slightly buckled items.

However, items which are food-stained, noticeably torn etc. cannot be reused and you will not receive the deposit for such items. If you are concerned that guests may want to take pieces away with them (which they often like to!) you may wish to consider purchasing favours – a small origami item intended to be kept – to satisfy that itch.

What if I want to keep the decorations after the event?

That’s great – I simply won’t collect those pieces and since you will have already paid the purchase deposit, there is no extra charge. However, if I have already promised pieces to other clients, I may unfortunately need to take them back; the best thing is for you to let me know in advance which pieces you would like to keep.

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