I design bespoke origami pieces according to individual specifications.

Little Egret

Contact me with details of your request and I will reply with a quote. As a minimum, please include in your message:

  • A detailed description or preferably a reference image of the piece(s)
  • Desired size and colour of the piece(s)
  • Quantity required
  • The date you require the piece(s)

Please bear the following in mind when inquiring about a commission:

  • While virtually any subject can be represented with origami, complex models can take quite some time to make.
  • The fee for a commission will include both design time and folding time, as well as any expenses for paper, postage etc.
  • Please provide sensible timelines. I will endeavour to fulfil short-term deadlines, but do not expect unreasonably rapid turnaround times, especially if multiple models need folding.
  • I will not fold existing models which I do not have the legal rights to.
  • What may seem like small “tweaks” to a model can actually take a lot of time to adjust; sometimes the whole model needs restructuring. Therefore, I will expect your vision of the piece finalised before I begin designing or folding.
  • Although I took all photographs in my gallery, I do not consider myself to be a photographer. If you require professional-quality images you will need to arrange your own photography – I will only provide the origami models.
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