Each model has a difficulty rating with the following meaning:


This model is essentially as simple as origami gets, so is accessible to anyone. You should still read the terminology section to familiarise yourself with the most standard terms, symbols, and manoeuvres. Start with these models if you have no origami experience.

Low Intermediate

This model is a little longer and more involved than a simple model, but fundamentally there isn’t anything too challenging.

High Intermediate

It is assumed that the folder has mastered the standard folds and is looking to move on to trickier manoeuvres. A models of this difficulty level will probably use advanced symbols and manoeuvres.


You should be comfortable with all named origami manoeuvres. Models will be challenging, and little explanation will be given for common folds. Do not expect any limit on diagram length when folding a complex model.

Super Complex

Nothing is off-limits, and there is normally something particularly fiendish about a super complex model. The folder should be familiar with not just all individual folds shown in the diagrams, but also with generally reading and folding from a crease pattern, as this is the most sensible way of sharing a super complex model.

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